We Women NEED Each Other

We women need each other, and for those of you out there who’ve been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by other supportive women all your life consider yourselves VERY lucky. I wasn’t one of them.

I had my girl cousins, and I’m not even sure they realised how crucial they were in holding me together during the years when I really didn’t have many female friendships. They were my tribe. I guess as I type this I realise I took it for granted thinking because I didn’t have female friends outside my family that meant I wasn’t surrounded.

But I actually was. Within my household alone it was me, my mother and my sister. Within my large family my father was one of 11 kids, 7 of which were women. I have been surrounded by women all my life. 

To survive we women have had to show up in the world as men in order to “make it”, most strong women you know take either the stay-at-home route or the working mom route. They are both vital.

But the women who choose the working mom route have to sacrifice pieces of themselves to make it in a working world which is driven towards men. 

Women have to show up every single day at 100% when women are not meant to show up that way. 

Men have this energy, it is great, powerful energy, it is how the world has become the empire that it is. 

But the world has left out women in this equation. I.e. women in their true form. The givers of the life, the cyclic beings, who are connected deeply to the rhythms and cycles of the earth.

I think it’s always been known most men fear women

A woman in her power radiates an energy that a man knows not to fuck with. 

So they had to take it away. Witch trials spanned centuries and is the biggest mass genocide known to humankind. Yes men were burnt as witches as well (these men were probably well embodied men who acknowledged the need for balance of the earth with the sun, i.e. the feminine with the masculine) but I digress.

Women were turned against each other, forced to “sell out” their sisters to save themselves, the times were dire. They have brought us to where we are.

We women feel within us a deep mistrust amongst us, we compete with each other for male attention and status. 

But what if there’s a better way in the making? 

We are seeing it slowly but surely, our households are no longer run by women only, we collectively come together as men and women to share the duties or child care and house care. 

But there are still ways we are out of balanced and it is definitely seen in the working world.

A woman loses respect from her peers when her body asks her to take breaks during her cycle for rest, remember men are meant to operate at 100% women are not. 

We see workplaces that are missing a key element, love, humanity. 

When we show up to the workplace we are not allowed to act as ourselves, we have to show up as men in order to gain respect and status.

But that is fighting deeply against who we are. 

We women bring diversity to a workplace, heart, compassion, the work world isn’t only about productivity as we have made it. It is meant to be a place of fulfillment and passion. 

Society has made us slaves to our jobs to pay our bills, when truly every human being has the right to shelter and food without having to fight for survival.

Our wealth is being distributed in the wrong ways, only to a select few, taught to us that a measure of our worth is in how much we make.

But that simply isn’t so. As human beings we are each valuable as we are, we are taught division, separation, gender, colour, race, ethnicity but we are the Human Race.

And every single Human being has the right to be all of themselves.

Together we change the world, but it starts individually with each one of us.

Recognising we are worthy, we are whole and we deserve a world that is everything we ever dreamed of and more.

Utopia exists, heaven and hell are man made concepts that cause us to strive for something in the afterlife when it is right here on earth with us right now. 

Wouldn’t you prefer heaven over hell? 

Together we restore balance, there is no man Vs woman, but it starts with women beginning to realise they are everything they feel they are.

They are not the lesser sex, the sexuality and bodies aren’t riddled with shame as the world teaches us.

Our beauty is radiated when we stand as who we are, decorations be damned we are perfect as we are. 

Do you see it?

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