The Cynic - A Women’s Community? Umm, what? Healing my Feminine Wounds.

If you told me two years ago I’d be heading a women’s community, inviting women to come together in a safe space to be seen, heard, and really understood. I’d have laughed at you.

I had feminine wounds — because let’s be real — teenage years are without a doubt some of the hardest.

We scar and are scarred by others in so many deep ways due to lack of self awareness and the pressure to conform and fit in.

It was hard for me — because I’ve always called a spade a spade and spoken my truth.

So instead I was the guys’ girl. I limed with all the boys, it was easy, effortless. I could say whatever I thought and it offended not one of them.

I’ve avoided the feminine energy, for so long, because it has been too hard for me to process. It has never been a safe place.

But now I feel called to change that. Change the narrative of ‘you Vs other girls’. Show you that we can come together, be supportive, be real, and create something authentic and powerful.

We’ve all been hurt by someone, we’ve all hurt someone. Unintentionally or Intentionally but as we grow as we awaken our inner wisdom kicks in to guide us.

It opens us up to healing.

Allowing us to move past previous experiences, rewrite our stories.

When you’re a teenager you don’t have wise wisdom on your side, as yet, that guides you “it’s about them, not about you” to make you realise people come from a place of their own understanding and it is nothing personal.

But life is a journey, without those experiences, I wouldn’t be the person here before you today, and that’s the beauty of it.

I’ve tried to shy away from doing this — i.e. creating a Women’s Community so many times in the past year I can’t even count. Every. Singe. Time. The Universe sends a sign telling me TO DO IT. It’s there reminding me “Katrianna you’ve always owned it in small parts. It’s time to go for the whole”.