Are you creating more Love or Fear?

For years our elders, parents, grandparents, have lived in times where true states of fear have existed. And unfortunately, rather than heal this generational trauma, it has been passed on and we live from this place of instinctive fear rather than a place of love in our lives daily.

Fear is primal energy it has ruled and led us for centuries. It has kept us safe. A gut response letting us know whether it is time for fight or flight.

However, when fear was no longer led by whether we were about to be attacked or eaten by something bigger than us.

Something else kicked in its place stress.

And without knowing, rather than experiencing moment by moment situations of fear, we now experience it almost daily within us a primal feeling of fear always in the “on” position. 

Except now, instead of it keeping us safe, it is overriding our system and running us literally into the ground. 

How do we even begin to change this? We recognise it. And it sounds simple because it is, but just because it is simple doesn’t mean it is easy.

It means unlearning centuries of stored fear within our cells that have been passed down for generations. 

The study of epigenetics shows us that we may not store specific traumas but within us, we store the feelings the sensitivities to the trauma, which then causes us to have these guttural unexplained reactions. 

It is within us. Unraveling it is what we are here right now to do. 

Every single person has their own journey to this. Our generation is experiencing rapid healing. I can’t pinpoint why we seem to recognise this quicker than our parents or grandparents. I’m sure someone can point me to a study of the scientific facts.

But I know that we are not doing anyone any favours by continuing to spread fear instead of love. 

Any action that you take, begin to ask your self; Am I spreading Fear or Love? 

And even if it is a good, worthy cause, that is worth dismantling. 

Begin asking yourself HOW can I transmute this message into love.