A Gym Membership

for your Soul –

Reclaim the Magick Within

Welcome Goddess, this is new, this is magickal, this is powerful and I invite you, to join me as a Founding Member, together we as women pave the way for something new.

It is time we remember we are Radiant, Powerful beings who deserve Joy & Pleasure in our lives EVERYday. Here you remember, here you express: who you are, heal, and rise as the beautiful woman you are.

Sister, it is time to choose yourself. Choosing yourself as a Woman in this world is a radical concept, one we don’t usually feel safe claiming.

This community is about taking the time to honour yourself. To honour your personal journey and cultivate deep self-love and self-acceptance. 

Here you support your Self-Care by deeply reflecting on your life and where you are at.  Here you relearn how to love all of yourselfunconditionally.

And reignite your fire within.

For the Goddess diving into self-love, healing, and reclaiming her worth and power in a safe container.

What’s Included?

  • Ongoing support in a Private Community Membership of Goddesses – off of Social Media
  • Monthly Self-Reflection Journal Prompts
  • Monthly Transformational Theme and full PDF packet to explore deeply
  • Monthly Group Meeting – Goddess Circle live call
  • Intuitive Weekly Guidance

Community Philosophy

“If we want to support each other’s inner lives, we must remember a simple truth: The human soul does not want to be fixed, it wants simply to be seen and heard.
~~Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach, p. 152

Tiered Pricing

pay what you can

I invite you to pay what you can with our tiered pricing scale, it is designed with you in mind – to help you benefit from this community, whatever your circumstances.

Every tier is equal in its access.

Select what suits you below.

wondering what should I pay?

our pay it forward price




Paying for this membership at this tier will not create any hardship for you. (Unlimited)

our standard price




Paying for this membership may qualify as an investment for you, but it would not create hardship. (Unlimited)

our supportive price

multiracial women with closed eyes embracing in studio




Designed to create access for those who it would not be possible to join without this option. (Limited to 5 spaces this rounds)

Community Guidelines

Our intention for this group is:
Together, how can we build a safe space where honest, open, courageous conversations can happen? Where vulnerability emerges and we enable true presence.