i’m a certified alternative healing therapist, certified reiki master, certified spiritual coach and certified master life coach.

this journey to more one to one soul care sessions started over 10 years ago when i became a nail technician.

our beauticians are always our self appointed therapists, who see us through thick and thin for lifetimes.

in december of 2019 i began my formal training knowing that helping women one on one was something i felt VERY passionate about.

it was my promise to myself that 2020 would be a year of change for me, little did i know what was about to hit the world.

2020 began with me knowing i wanted to transition into more healing work, and after completing my coaching courses i began leading women’s circles as beautiful healing containers for support and growth.

full lockdown meant no more in person circles or nail clients so i went into a forced slow. fears were high trying to figure out ways i would make money to survive, but my soul had another plan for me and i completely burnt out.

i was meant to spend the next 2 years integrating and reattuning with myself, so that when i went into my soul care sessions, it would be with the experience of what it really means to align with my soul.

and here i am, ready to hold space and guide you into the magick of who you truly are. ✨💜 are you ready?