There isn’t some huge corporation behind these pages. I’m a human first and foremost. A mom, a wife, sister, daughter, cousin, friend. For a long time I prioritised the ‘hustle’ and ‘grind’ over my mental sanity and peace and it broke me and burnt me out.

I’m a mom, I have so many balls in the air sometimes, I get it. Worse yet with the world coming to a standstill forcing me to look at things I’d have rather not seen. I was driven by my fear. Fear for my survival. For the longest time the story I told myself was if I’m not making money, I will not be ok.

I’m luckier than most. I’m not a single mother for instance, I have a husband whom I can ask for help if I need, maybe for you this person is a friend or family member instead?

But despite having him I had this broken story on repeat in my head that I had to conquer the world by myself, ask no one for help, suffer in silence and run myself into the ground, all to make money to keep my family afloat.

My fears were so high that I tried to control everything around me, including how I thought my husband “should” make money, which was of course based off of my own fears and projections.

And then just like that it all stopped.

I literally couldn’t do it all anymore.

I burnt out. And I’m here now and I can tell you it’s been replaced with something indescribable .

But, not before spending MONTHS doing NOTHING or in societies definition of “nothing”. I was making $0 dollars and to me that was always “supposed” to be my purpose, i.e. making money. I was wrongly equating my worth, with how much I made, not realising I am worthy just as I am.

When you begin to examine the stories on repeat within your mind, it’s a little unbelievable how crazy they are. And it’s almost like a constant war every single day.

Wow, what does any of this even have to do with my coaching business? Everything.

I want to humanise the business world.

I don’t want to “market to your pains and give you concrete solutions” as every single marketer online tells you to do.

I want to show up as myself, let you know I’ve struggled too but rather than stay stuck, I’ve learned how to use the struggles as opportunities for growth.

In a world full of ‘quick’ fixes, reclaiming yourself and your life is a journey. It is no 3 months coaching group to get you back in shape.

It’s a journey of unraveling literally YEARS of stories you’ve told yourself were true and realising you have the power to rewrite every single one of those stories despite what the world or those around are you are telling you.

Is it easy? 100% NO. But it can become more light, less grueling and terrifying when you do it with support. When you begin to dig deeper and can even laugh at yourself for what you’ve put yourself through.

Life doesn’t have to be sad and exhausting. It can be amazing even though we can find a million examples of it being ‘bad’ we can also no longer let it overshadow us, we have to begin seeing a million examples of the good.

What’s that example we’ve all heard? Ah, from John Gottman’s relationship research, for every negative encounter, there should be a minimum of five positive ones to counterbalance the effect of the first.

How about we just start looking for the good?