a journey back to love

have you noticed it yet? that within you, you always hear two voices. one very loud and demanding, that never makes you feel safe, but makes you afraid and has you judging others before you, always attacking, always making you or another guilty/wrong.

but there’s this other voice, usually a quiet whisper as you never really give it your attention.
in all these moments of fear it whispers its love to you and in that instant, you recognise joy and peace before fear slips in once again.
every day you engage in this dance.
though the fearful voice, your ego, is usually centre stage.
the voice of love barely heard in its whisper.

going within
is a journey to “righting” your mind.
we are slaves to the unkind voice until we consciously choose the kind one.
but you are never alone.
you are not only surrounded by love
you too, radiate it, even in all the moments you have forgotten.

2022 is a choice, a journey back home to your birthright.
of love, peace, joy, faith, freedom.
it is here ready and waiting for you.
are you ready to step out of fear?
and back into love?